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Beer Saigon 335 ml

Beer Saigon 335 ml
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Saigon Export beer is the only authentic Vietnamese beer brewed in Vietnam and sold in the UK. Produced by traditional fermentation methods, the brewer creates a flavour that satisfies consumers looking for a taste of the Orient.

The name celebrates the former capital of South Vietnam continues to inspire Vietnamese around the world. Brewed primarily with Rice and a touch of barley malt the beers are a wonderful compliment to sushi and all Asian dishes.

Net capacity: 355 ml, alcohol: 4.9%

Ingredients: Water, barley, rice, anti oxindant E300, E223 (sulfide content) / E224 (sulfide content)

Allergy Warning: The product contains barley.

Manufacturer: SABECO, Vietnam.

EU importers: ASIA FOOD EXPRESS, The Netherlands.

Country of origin: Vietnam.

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