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Wood Ears, dried PREMIUM 100 g
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Wood Ears, dried PREMIUM 100 g

Wood Ears, dried, 100 g
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Net weight: 100 g.                                                                     

Ingredients: Dried black fungus 100%.                                                                                

Nutritional value: 25 cal / 10 g. 10 g of the product contains fat 0 g carbohydrate 8 g protein 0 g Sodium: 12 mg.                                                

Instructions for use:  soak in cold water about 30 and drain before using. 

Best before: the date specified on the label importer.

Storage: Store in a dry place, away from direct sunlight.

EU importers: THAI LY, Libušská 319, Prague 4, Czech Republic. Country of origin: Vietnam.


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