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Oyster sauce MAEKRUA

Oyster Sauce MAEKRUA 600 ml
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Volume: 600 ml

Composition: extract of oyster 30%, sugar, soy sauce, wheat flour, corn starch, preservative: sodium benzoate (E211).  

Allergy warning : This product contains shellfish (oyster), soy and wheat.                                                                                  

Nutritional values ​​/ 16 g of product: Energy 10 calories, 0 g fat, including saturated fatty acid. 0 g, carbohydrates, 2 g, 0 g protein, 440 mg sodium.

Use: for preparation and seasoning dishes. Once opened, store in a cool place.                                                                                              

Best before: the date on the front of the bottle.                                                                                        

EU importers: ASIA FOOD EXPRESS, Kilbystraat 1, 8263 CJ Kampen, Netherlands.                                                                          

Country of Origin: Thailand                                                                                                         

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