-Rice | Foodland


Rice is the perfect wheat product, and we know the reasons why you should eat it often.

If you don't like rice, then you probably haven't eaten it correctly prepared, or you used the wrong type when cooking a certain food.

Rice doesn't cause swelling, therefore it is good for children, older people and during a stomach or bile diet. Boiled rice helps during high temperatures and inflammations, helps during diarrhoea, or constipation. It also heals intestinal and digestive problems. Rice also gets rid of harmful things from your body, and is a good prevention to kidney stones.

You can eat Rice even when you're watching your weight. One hundred grams of raw rice has an average of 365 kJ, but during cooking it triples its volume. To sate your hunger you only need half that amount, and you can also mix it with a vegetable salad for instance.