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Sushinori half cut 100 sheets

Sushinori Half Cut 100 sheets 115 g
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Sushinori Half Cut for prepare easily.

Net weight:  115g / 100 sheets    

Nutritional value / 2g of product:  Energy 10 cal from fat: 0 cal, fat: 0g of which saturates them: 0grams, 1 grams protein; <1g carbohydrates including sugar, 1 grams; Cholesterol 5mg      Ingredients:  Seaweed sushinori 100%                                                                       

Please note: due to the high content of iodine consumption of more than 5.1 grams (2 full sheets) per day is considered to be harmful. consume bag with chemical dehydranantom

Best before:  the date specified on the label of the importer on the back of the pack.

Storage:  Store in cool, dry conditions.                                                    

EU importers:  Panas Handels GmbH, Landstrasse 38 A-2464, Goettlesbrunn, Austria

Country of Origin:  Korean

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