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Mini Fruit Gels 1000 g

tropical Mini Fruit Gels 1000 g
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Net weight: 1000 g.                                                                              

Ingredients: water 72%; sugar 22%; coconut jelly 3%; extract from red seaweed 0.7%; milk concentrate;  E330; natural aromas (melon, mango, banana, taro etc.); synthetic colours: E110, E102, E129, E133, E171.

Information for food allergic consumers: the product contains milk.

Nutrition Facts: nutrition content: 478 kJ/120 g. 120 g of the product contains: fat 0 g, carbohydrate 28.2 g, protein: 0 g, sodium: 29 mg.

Production date and Best before date: see the dates stamped on the manufacturer’s label.

Storage: keep in a dry and cool place.

Manufacturer: NEW CHOICE FOODS, Ltd., Hoa Phu, Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong, Vietnam.

Product of Vietnam.                                                                                   


Hi All;
I love the mini fruit gels...
I wonder if I can source some of them...



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