101 (UN) believable effects of coconut oil: this miracle you'll love!

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Intro > Food as medicine > 101 (UN) believable effects of coconut oil: this miracle you'll love!

101 (UN) believable effects of coconut oil: this miracle you'll love!


Coconut oil has become a forefront in the world of people who watch their health. Look at these 101 uses for this white miracle.

  1. As a replacement for butter in cooking

  2. As a replacement for vegetable oil

  3. Your daily dose of required energy

  4. A more tasty and healthier replacement for coffee cream

  5. For hydration of the body and face

  6. Instead of lotion during makeup removal, makes the skin soft and smooth

  7. As a natural deodorant

  8. Depilatories for eyes


9. Can replace moist towelettes for babies

10. As a part of homemade toothpaste with strong whitening effects

11. For lightening up unwanted pigments on the skin

12. Regular usage stops striae during pregnancy

13. Consumption helps with thyroid health

14. Natural protection against sunlight and burns

15. Regeneration for a crying baby - apply to the head, in the temples area and gently massage

16. Yeast and infection killer

17. Replacement for oils, used in massage

18. Helps start metabolism thanks to lauric acid

19. Fulfils the function of a nighttime hydrating cream

20. Helps remove unwanted curls in hair

21. When mixed with sugar in a 1:1 ratio can serve as peeling for the body

22. Natural chapstick

23. For use in healing injury and scars

24. Helps with post-birth pains

25. Soothing oil for nipples after feeding babies

26. Natural hair conditioner - massage into hair, fixate and let work for a few hours

27. Fights against mycosis and foot fungi

28. Regeneration and soothing effect against eczema

29. Regular usage helps against Alzheimer’s disease

30. In combination with apple cider vinegar

31. In its natural state it’s used for making cloth

32. Helps with memory and remembering things if eaten as a snack

33. Coconut milk smoothie is a great energy source for the human organism

34. Applying it to the inside of the nose helps against allergies

35. Source of nutrients and milk for nursing mothers.

36. Kills stomach parasites and helps with digestion.

37. In combination with chia seeds helps give energy, a substitute for coffee

38. Helps increase insulin levels

39. In combination with oil and a bit of oregano helps with bleeding gums

40. Helps with body cholesterol in long term usage

41.A spoonful of coconut oil with hot tea helps against colds

42. Helps against forming of varicose veins

43. Heals fresh burns

44. Its energy is not deposited in fat layers, so we don’t gain weight when eating it

45. Natural lubricant which doesn’t disrupt the vaginal area

46. Ideal when shaving intimate areas, prevents inflammation

47. Natural antibacterial cream

48. Can replace infant formulas in the form of a cream for babies

49. It can affect cellulite in women

50. Relieves joint pain in arthritis

51. Relieves painful zits on the face

52. Drives away mosquitoes and reduces their appetite for human blood

53. Regular use can help beat acne

54. Daytime rubbing into the skin promotes hair growth

55. Disinfecting children's’ ear problems

56. It doesn’t destroy the pan when used

57. Reduces the number of split hairs

58. Gives skin a gleaming impression

59. Reliable tanning agent

60. When used with salt can remove rough skin of the feet

61. Daily consumption encourages metabolism and rapid weight loss

62. Improves quality of sleep

63. Internally and externally it can prevent mold

64. It soothes itching during chickenpox

65. Increases the absorption of calcium and magnesium in the body

66. When used with herbal tea it calms a sore throat

67. During internal use it remineralizes teeth

68. The fats from coconut oil helps against anxiety and depression

69. It has a strong whitening effect on teeth

70. Good substitute for an antiperspirant

71. For external use with healing your pet’s injuries

72. These fats are beneficial for people suffering with autism

73. Helps with vapor treatment

74. Safer and healthier frying agent

75. One tablespoon before each meal helps with digestion

76. In warm ginger tea helps soothe heartburn and nausea

77. Replacement for baby milk

78. Helps with dry skin after washing dishes

79. Mix with mint, rosemary or essential oils into an ointment that repels insects

80. Heals mouth and tongue sores

81. Can replace anti-aging cream

82. It strengthens brain activity to the next level

83. Internally and externally fights urinary problems

84. During long-term use increases the production of hormones

85. In some cases helps against Candida

86. Relieves hemorrhoids

87. It increases blood circulation, which is particularly suitable for people who are constantly cold

88. Application to the nail cuticles makes nail growth faster

89. Helps with problems with dry scaly knees.

90. The combination of whipped cream with shea butter acts as a body balm

91. Nutritional support when used as an ingredient for smoothies

92. Nutritions for the child during mother’s pregnancy

93. Fights against herpes and mouth corners

94. Soaking a tampon and applying it can kill a yeast infection

95. Cleans and relieves cold sores

96. It increases mental alertness

97. Continuous exposure can reduce allergic reactions

98. Virgin coconut oil consists of acids that works like a natural antibiotic

99. Helps against premature skin aging and formation of annoying wrinkles

100. Prevents senility, cardiovascular disease and even some cancers

101. Helps soothe stomach pains during menstruation