Chia seeds - food Aztec runners

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Chia seeds - food Aztec runners

Chia seeds (Salvia Hispanica) contain a large amount of oil, which is an effective insecticide. This makes it easy to take care of without pesticides. However, it requires specific conditions to grow. The plant needs colder nights and hotter days. Chia seeds have no flavour, and therefore won't ruin any food with their inclusion. Ideally, you want to consume entire chia seeds, or they can be roasted and milled into powder. They are easier to mill after roasting due to their oil content. If added to food this way, the chia seeds gain a slight nutty flavour. The ancient Mayans added chia seeds to water and created a gel which was then flavoured with citrus (called chia fresca), or chewed them whole.


If consumed in the morning when the body is well rested, there will be no difference felt. However, this doesn't mean the chia isn't doing anything. When consumed while exhausted, relief can be felt in up to 15 minutes, including help with headaches and migraines. Some people use the seeds instead of coffee.

According to the European parliament and the council of the european union regulations, (no. 258/97) daily doses of pure seeds should be 15 grams, which is around one table spoon. When used in baked goods, cereal or nut and fruit mixes, it should be at a maximum of 10%


The price of chia seeds depends on the quality of individiual seeds. There are some bad qualities that chia seeds can have: impurities in the seeds, bitterness, or non-maturity.


Chia is an ancient plant with a large nutritional value and various health benefits. It was even used by Aztec warriors before wars and hunting expeditions. During 24 hour marches, they would carry a small pouch of chia seeds to keep them going. Just like these ancient warriors, our current age sportsmen can use these seeds to inch closer to victory.

Healthy foods are a huge part of contemporary gastronomy. A well thought out and balanced diet is an important part of every sports regime. It is important to use as many natural foods as possible. Increased energy and endurance is just one small part of what the chia seeds can give to a sports enthusiast:


1.    they are full of phytonutrients which strengthen our immune system
2.    are rich in phosphor, manganese, calcium and potassium, which refresh the function of our muscles
3.    contain the important mineral boron, which catalyses the usage of calcium in our body
4.    contain flavonoids with antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties
5.    create a gel when absorbing water, which may be used to keep hydrated for longer durations, this may be used by sportsmen to keep training for longer durations
6.    contain omega-3 and omega-6 acids, which have various effects such as lowering risk of heart disease, inflammation of bone joints and reduce pains
7.    increase cardiovascular health, comfortable movement of joints and the improve immune system
8.    have no sugar or gluten content
9.    large fiber content, a key factor for healthy intestines
10.    have antioxidant properties

All of these health benefits that chia seeds offer are on offer for anybody who wishes to live a healthier lifestyle. Improve your health through a natural diet without pesticides and chemicals