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Tandoori Masala Chicken



The best way to prepare food is from the part of the chicken where it is with bones and skin. This food isn't too spicy. The key to the beautiful, crispy surface is hidden in a thick coat of Tandoori marinade.

Preparation time: 10 minutes, cooking time: 35-40 minutes, total time: 50-60 minutes

Recipe for: 7 person


Vietnamese Vegetable salad



A fresh, healthy summer salad that’s perfect for lunches.

Nothing beats using your own fresh produce or materials around the house.
If you’re missing a thing or two, tick the items you need to add to your shopping list.

Time : 15 minutes

Recipe for: 4 persons


Thai basil Chicken

Thai basil chicken recipe (pad kra pao gai ผัดกระเพราไก่)

Tento recept z kuracieho mäsa s thajskou bazalkou (pad kra pao gai ผัด กระ เพรา ไก่) je skutočne klasický. Je to jedno z najpopulárnejších thajských jedál na ulici. Kuracie mäso sa smaží s thajskou bazalkou a podáva sa na ryžu so smaženým vajcom.

Prep time: , Cook time: , Total time: 

Serves: 1


Fish sauce glazed pork belly


Fish sauce glazed pork belly- Thịt rang cháy cạnh

Fish sauce glazed pork belly becomes a tasty addition to family meals. Although the fish sauce amount is much less now, this is still one of the dishes that really make you want to eat a lot of rice. The ingredients are nothing extraordinary, the cooking is very easy as well, and the finished dish is so delicious.

Prep: 20 mins, Cook: 50 mins Ready In: 1 hr 10 mins, Yield: 3-4 Servings


Crispy Roast Pork


The Chinese are the undisputed kings of two dishes: crispy duck and crispy pork belly. It is unlikely that just anybody can prepare the crispy duck, due to its difficulty. It is simply too difficult to do properly in normal home kitchen.

However, the crispy pork belly is a different case. The next time you pass around your local Chinese barbecue shop and lovingly or longingly look at the pieces of juicy pork with a wonderful almost impossibly fragile and inflated skin, just remember: It's easy to do yourself.



Jellied Pork - (Thịt Đông)


If you are not familiar with this dish, it may look rather unusual.  What is this exactly?  Meat-filled snow globes?  Fossilized pork parts?  Interestingly, this dish of jellied meat is not distinct to just Asian cuisine, but is also popular in Eastern and Western European cuisine as well. 

The traditional recipes use meats with cartilage such as hocks, feet, tails, etc., as the cartilage contains the gelatine needed to give the dish its distinct structure.  These recipes are laborious to make because the meats need to be thoroughly cleaned and these choice parts are often not the most sanitary.


YAKIUDON Japanese stir-fried udon noodles with meat and vegetables


Yakiudon are stir-fried Udon noodles with meat and vegetables. It is so easy and quick to make that it is considered more home cooking than restaurant food. Even though Yakiudon isn’t fancy Japanese food, with a lot of vegetables and meat, it is still a very good thing for you to eat. Perfect lunch or a great alternative to a fast food dinner.



Peking duck


Chinese cuisine is one of the most vibrant in the world. If you wish to get the true Chinese experience with everything that includes, then it’s mandatory to try one of the most well-known culinary delicacies in a true Chinese restaurant: The Peking duck. The real Peking duck is served only in Beijing.

The culinary experience of the consumer is decided not only by the quality of the meat, but also its method of preparation and serving. The most important part of a good Peking duck is its skin. This duck meal is prepared by specially trained chefs who are at the table with their customers and prepare the meal directly in front of them. Specifically, the slicing of the duck requires special ability, as each duck is cut into exactly 120 pieces with each piece having a specific amount of meat and skin. This skin is not the same as from normal cooking, dry, thin, and hard to chew. Instead it is soft and delicate, melting on our tongue with each bite.



Sesame ball Bánh rán


This kind of snack is influenced by chinese cuisine, which is very popular in many Asian countries, including Vietnam. In northern Vietnam, it is called Banh Ran and southern Vietnam called Banh Cam.

The dish is very popular due to the smell of green beans, coconut, sesame and crispy crust made of fragrant rice, which creates a very harmonious taste. Discover how to make this attractive delicacy, the sesame ball.



Original Chicken Kung Pao


Kung Pao Chicken is one of the most popular Chinese recipes. We all like the flavours and spice of the Kung Pao sauce prepared in the style of Sichuan province in China. Authentic kung pao chicken requires Sichuan peppers for "desensitizing flavor", but the kung pao served in chinese restaurants usually eases the spice with vegetables such as carrots, sweet peppers, water chestnuts, celery, zucchini and broccoli in the recipe.

Create an atmosphere of a quality Asian restaurant at home. This recipe is not as complicated as it appears at first glance. Just try it once and see for yourself. You can also try to replace peanuts for cashews or bamboo shoots.


Chicken Tikka Masala


Probably the most well-known Indian food in Britain, perhaps even one of the most known of any type of cuisine, this meal is considered by the minister of foreign affairs in the United Kingdom to be the “true British national dish.” No matter its true origins, when one has a taste of this creamy dish, they find out just why it’s so universally loved. This is a classic curry recipe, first marinating chicken mean before cooking it in curry sauce.



Tom Ka Gai - Coconut chicken soup with galangal



Tom Ka Gai (ต้มข่า ไก่) is a coconut chicken soup combining the taste of lime leaves, lemon grass and galangal. Galangal can look similar to ginger but with the difference that while ginger has a warming effect, galangal has a cooling and a refreshing, almost smoky taste. You do not need to peel it, but just use the main part of the galangal and offshoots. You can also freeze galangal before cutting it into slices placed separately on the plate, and then freeze them in a bag for future use.

There are other versions of Tom Kha made with seafood (Tom Kha Thale Thai ต้มข่า ทะเล), mushrooms (Tom Kha het Thai ต้มข่า เห็ด), pork (Tom Kha him, Thai ต้มข่า หมู) and tofu (Tom Kha taohu, Thai. ต้มข่า เต้าหู้)

In the 19th century, Tom Kha was not soup, but it was the dish of chicken or duck in a light coconut broth with plenty of galangal, served with roasted chili paste for dipping.



Tempura- Japanese or European food?


Tempura is nowadays known as a Japanese food, but it was originally from europe, brought to Japan thanks to Portuguese sailors in the mid-16th century. In japanese gastronomy, tempura may be even more well known than sushi, and there are even restaurants specializing in this method of preparation called tenpura-ya. The term tempura originated from the japanese word for rice flour, tempurako, which is used to prepare the dough used in this cooking.

The word tempura is used to describe any food that is covered with a dough made of the tempurako rice flour, and then deep fried in hot oil. This method of preparation ensures the food holds its juices inside, and therefore their natural taste. The dishes most often prepared with this method are pieces of fish, seafood, soft meat, vegetables, and mushrooms, but it can in theory be used for any food that can be covered and fried. In southern Europe, dishes prepared in this way fall under their collective term "Tapas" and use corn and wheat flour for the dough.


Tom Yum Soup Recipe (ต้มยำกุ้ง) – Authentic Thai Style

One of the most famous of all Thai foods, and one the best soups in the world, is Thai tom yum goong (ต้มยำกุ้ง).

The best thing about tom yum goong (ต้มยำกุ้ง) is the flavors of lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, fresh Thai chilies, and fresh lime juice, that all combine to create a healthy and soothing broth that will light up your taste buds.

If you love to eat tom yum soup (ต้มยำ), you might already know about two main distinct variations of the dish

Tom yum Goong nam sai (ต้มยำ กุ้ง น้ำ ใส) is tom yum with shrimp in a clear broth, while Tom Yum Goong nam Khon (ต้มยำ กุ้ง น้ำ ข้น) is the creamy milky version.


How to prepare the Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwich


Banh Mi is a type of sandwich prepared in the Vietnamese cuisine. The basis of the food is a baguette, which was spread to Vietnam during the time of French control. The Vietnamese version changes upon the original with usage of rice flour.

The fresh bread is cut lengthwise, to create the area that is later filled with meat and vegetables. The type of meat used varies, but usually is grilled beef, and sometimes chicken or fish. Various vegetables are used, like daikon and carrots, fresh cucumber, chili peppers and cilantro. Rousong can also be part of the fill, which is cooked meat later separated into strands and then cooked and dried another time, or the Vietnamese salami Gio Lua. To flavor the sandwich, mayonnaise soy sauce or chili sauce is used. In Vietnam, banh mi is usually sold in street carts as fast food for breakfast, and every small manufacturer has their own recipe that differs from those of others.

With Vietnamese immigrants, this meal has spread across the world and is a favorite in North America under the brand Lee’s Sandwiches.


How to cook Bun Cha

Bun cha is a Vietnamese dish consisting of grilled pork and noodles, which comes from Hanoi, Vietnam. Bun cha is served with grilled pork meatballs and slices (CHA), white rice noodles (BUN), as well as herbs and sauce. Bun Cha is popular in the northern area of Vietnam. In the south, there is a similar dish called Bun Thit Nuong.



How to make Vietnamese fresh spring rolls NEM CUON

One of the famous foods from Vietnamese cuisine. It is refreshing and light, while still being extremely delicious. Believe it or not, the secret to these rolls is not in their stuffing but in the sauce. The sauce is what makes these unique rolls what they are.


Thai roasted noodles with chicken - Pad Thai (for 2 persons)

Chicken Pad Thai

This is the quickest, easiest version of pad thai available. We are sure that this recipe will be a favourite for many.

The key to a perfect pad thai is in the noodles, and learning how to prepare them perfectly based on this recipe. Don't forget the authentic pad thai sauce which is both lightly sour and spicy. When these ingredients are combined, you will get the amazing world famous pad thai.

15 minutes preparation and 12 minutes cooking




Black rice is one of the current age natural "super foods". So-called black rice which should be called purple rice, because it has a deep, dark red hues during cooking. This name is accurate for many different kinds of black rice, including Thai black jasmine rice or Indonesian black rice. It was also called the "forbidden rice" in old china and was only available to emperors due to its attractive look. It is sometimes used as a decoration for various foods, noodles sushi or desserts, and many people love it for its beautiful colours.



How to cook traditional sour and spicy soup

In the west, Chinese cuisine is often times much loved. Chefs from the other side of the globe even came to Slovakia to prepare some delicious dishes for us. However, if you truly love the Chinese cuisine, you need not rely on Chinese restaurants and be limited by their opening hours to taste your favorite sour and spicy soup. It can be easily prepared at home.



How to cook PHO GA

It is not unusual to see many chefs to cook Pho with both beef and chicken soup in the same pot. However, in the opinion of many North Vietnamese chefs, Pho Bo and Pho Ga should be two separate versions of the dish. They believe that because of the strong beef aroma, more spices like star anise should be used to overpower it, while in the chicken variant more shallots, onions and roots should be used to empower its sweet taste and aroma. The chicken variant of the soup also takes a lot less time to prepare and cook than the beef version, but still tastes amazing.




How Miso soup is made

The Dish is written as a medicine for almost everything: improves the condition of blood vessels, lowers cholesterol and mostly removed from the body of harmful substances. It has been shown that removes from the body of radioactive substances. Generally, the miso useful in the overall weakness, the overheating of the body, in support of lactation mothers, neutralize nicotine poisoning.

Miso soup traditionally eaten Japanese, who are known for their longevity. To us it has come through macrobiotic recipes that bowl of soup as being the drug. Miso is a fermented paste that is made from rice, barley and / or soybeans, fermentation culture and salt. It provides the body with vitamins (such as B12), minerals, essential enzymes and stimulates vitality. It promotes healthy digestion and natural immunity. According to some sources also it contains Lactobacillus Acidophilus.

5 minutes preparation and 10 minutes of cooking.



How to cook jasmine rice


Thai jasmine rice, also known as fragrant rice, is considered the best type of Thai rice.

It is sown by hand and watered with rainwater. Thai fragrant rice is rated very highly all over the world, due to its unique properties and especially do to its clean and thin grains. When cooked, it keeps its shape while having a very soft and lightly sticky consistency, as well as the aroma of pandanus leaves. It is sometimes even eaten by itself, without any main dishes or sides.

Rice from the jasmine flowers has its origins in the Bang Khla region, of the Chachoengsao province, east of Bangkok. After its popularity becoming widespread, it received the official brand name of “Thai hom mali” which includes the Thai words “hom” for fragrant and “mali” after the jasmine flower.


How to properly prepare Vietnamese specialty BUN BO NAM BO

BUN BO NAM BO (also known as BUN BO KHO or BUN BO XAO) is known as noodles with beef and herbs. The name was derived from the Nam Bo region, where this popular specialty comes from. Simplicity and elegance is what people describe most about the dish. Instead of using a sophisticated broth like PHO, there is a special sauce specifically for BUN BO NAM BO. In addition to that, fresh raw vegetables and herbs, accompanied by fried onions, roasted peanuts and soybean sprouts are indispensable elements of the food.



How to make crunchy Vietnamese spring rolls Nem ran

One of the most popular traditional dishes in Vietnam, suited to any occasion, are the spring rolls. Vietnamese culture recognizes over 20 different kinds of spring rolls.

Many of us which love Vietnamese crispy spring rolls tried to make them at home. The recipe for “Nem Ran” “Cha Gio” is really easy, but depending on the province it is served in, can vary slightly. Nem Ran in Ha Noi are served with thin rice noodles called Bun, with fresh vegetables and herbs including cilantro, perilla, soy sprouts, and elsholtzia, as well as fish sauce with chili peppers and garlic.

Here is a recipe for those spring rolls, which are a favorite of many.

Fried spring rolls for 2 people



Vietnamese chicken soup PHỞ GÀ

"The pho soup is a perfect metaphor for Vietnam, where many cultures and nations mixed over the course of several centuries."

It is not unusual to see many chefs to cook Pho with both beef and chicken soup in the same pot. However, in the opinion of many North Vietnamese chefs, Pho Bo and Pho Ga should be two separate versions of the dish. They believe that because of the strong beef aroma, more spices like star anise should be used to overpower it, while in the chicken variant more shallots, onions and roots should be used to empower its sweet taste and aroma. The chicken variant of the soup also takes a lot less time to prepare and cook than the beef version, but still tastes amazing.



Vietnamese beef soup PHỞ BÒ

A bowl of Pho is possible to find anywhere in Vietnam, at any time of the day or night. Like Pad Thai in Thailand, Pho is one of the favorite traditional foods in Vietnamese cuisine. Every tourist coming to Vietnam wants to or should learn of the secret within this meal, which offers a balance between sweet, salty and spicy flavors all in one bowl. Pho is a guaranteed favorite of anyone who tried it at least once. Here is a simple recipe for the preparation of Pho in your own kitchen.



Thai sweet sticky rice with mango (Khao Neeo Mamuang)

This amazing Thai dessert recipe is as good, if not better, as any sticky rice dessert with mango that’s available in real Thai restaurants.

Preparation times: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 25 minutes
Total time: 35 minutes